Kurling for Kids 2019 - Kurling for Kids 2019
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Town of Mount Royal Curling Club, 5 Montgomery avenue, Town of Mount-Royal, Quebec, H3R 2B3
Saturday, April 01, 2017

TMR K4K 2019

What a day!

A huge thanks to each and everyone of you who made the 21st annual Kurling for Kids event at TMR an amazing success! 22 teams participating and raising for CHU Ste Justine and Montreal Children’s Hospital. Some very close and great games were held throughout the day and the traditional morning donuts (thanks Sheila), BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs were another huge hit with Matthew, Heather and Sly cooking up a great lunch, followed by the lasagna supper prepared for us by Jo-Ann.

We almost had a full event this year and it was great to see the ice full for almost the whole day. We’re hoping to have a full house next year in our 22nd anniversary and we’re hoping once again to see the teams that come out each and every year to support the cause, as well as the new teams which were taking part in their very first Kurling for Kids. Mark it in your calendars – March 28, 2020.

After some very hard-fought games, and great displays of sportsmanship, the winners of the 2-game points spiel at TMR for 2019 were finally declared:
1st place – Sheet Happens - Derek Parker, Robert Porco, Kunal Saha and Bernie Brodeur
2nd place – Target Practice - Guy de Carufel, Louis-Michel Malouin, Geneviève Riverin and Debbie Soriano
3rd place – Double Tap - Pier-Olivier Dumont, Chris Cormier, Sara Dubuc and Fred Cote

And after the trophy ceremony, the cheque reveal showed that TMR had raised just over $40,000 (of our $70,000 objective) and Kurling for Kids had raised an overall $300,000 (of our $500,000 objective) as of Saturday March 30th! That is an incredible amount, and it’s thanks to all the fundraisers who go out and raise money by selling tickets and soliciting donations.

Special thanks to TMR’s K4K corporate teams who continue to help our event reach great heights each year: BDO, BMA, Delmar and Nakisa, as well as a big shout-out to the CBC team for once again joining us at TMR. Thank you once again to Kim Fraser from the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation for not only joining us as a representative of the hospital, but as a 2nd year participant, and it looks like she is hooked and will be returning for many years to come.

What also makes the TMR K4K event so amazing are the participants and the people who attend our event, and this year was again no exception. We were extremely honoured to have Madeleine Mourant and her family Charles and Isabelle (parents), Adele (sister) as well as Madeleine’s grandparents attend our event. Madeleine is an 9-year old patient of CHU SJ and one of the first children that was operated on using the neurosurgical laser which was purchased with K4K funds. Madeleine and her family arrived with home-baked cookies and walked around handing them to all of our participants who were enjoying the festivities on the third floor. They also made a special bag of cookies for the winning team! And that wasn’t all, little Madeleine has been learning how to play the violin and has become quite good! So much so that her father joked that the only way you can see Madeleine play now is to pay! And it’s partly true because Madeleine recently played her violin at two separate occasions and asked that people give donations for K4K, can you believe it?!? Eight-year old Madeleine handed in an envelope with $250 for K4K and we were just blown away by her generosity, what an amazing girl Madeleine is and what a truly special family the Mourant family is, and we are privileged to have them attend our event.

Along with the great participants and attendees that make the TMR event special and memorable, of course TMR Kurling for Kids would not be possible without the group of volunteers who make the day run smoothly. This year was an exceptionally smooth, stress-free event! Thank you to all the volunteers: Alexandra, Jessica, Paul, Yasser, Joshua, Heather, Grant, and Sly, as well as club manager Michel, bartender Will and caterer Jo-Ann. And special thanks to Barbara, Sheila, Kristi, Yasser, and CBC for providing us with those amazing door prizes! We apologize if we forgot anyone but know that your help during the day is greatly appreciated!

Just a small reminder that you can still raise money up until April 27th, when the raffle draw will take place at Montreal West CC. The TMR totals have already increased to $50,000 so we are only $20k from our club objective, and the overall K4K event now stands at $356,932.37 so we have just about 3 weeks to raise $144,000 and reach our goal of $500,000 so keep raising those funds, and we’ll reach that goal for sure!

Thank you very much!

TMR K4K Organizers - Robert Sears and Paul Kotchounian

robert.sears@kurlingforkids.com     paul.kotchounian@kurlingforkids.com