Kurling for Kids 2019 - Kurling for Kids 2019
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Glenmore K4K 2019

The 21st annual Kurling for Kids was an amazing success! 14 teams took part at Glenmore and raised funds for Ste Justine and Montreal Children’s. Each team played two games, enjoyed a hot dog and chips lunch, and the evening festivities included an amazing beef tenderloin dinner with roasted potatoes and Caesar salad, and speeches, door prizes, and the cheque reveal. We received many compliments on the dinner, so we think we may have a keeper!

It was great to see the increase in participation this year. Glenmore went from 9 teams last year to 14 teams! There were those who come out every year and support the cause, some who returned after a couple of years, and there were those taking part in their very first Kurling for Kids. I was deeply touched when many first time K4K participants came to me at the end of the night and expressed how much they loved the day and the great cause, and that they were already planning to come back next year!

The curling part of the day was a 2-game points spiel, and the winners were:
1st place – Zackary Wise, Kelsey Boyd, Grant Warren, and Izabela Cyranowicz
2nd place – Carole Brien, Gary Hawkins, Eddie Cheng, and Emilie Nguyen
3rd place – Steve Campbell, Daniel Mainville, Julie Durocher, and Odette Scully

At the end of the evening, the cheque reveal reported that Glenmore had raised closed to $37,000 and Kurling for Kids raised an overall $300,000 to date! That is a fantastic amount, and it’s thanks to all the fundraisers who go out and raise money by selling tickets and soliciting donations.

Special thanks to Glenmore’s K4K sponsors: Marvin A. Drimer Foundation, Hardline Curling, Fineline Technologies, Dynasty Curling, and Le Chalet De La Montagne

What makes the Glenmore K4K event awesome are the participants, and this year was again no exception. We have such great members who make the event special and memorable. For instance, Scott Leslie spearheaded a “modified 50/50”, where people had to guess the time when I would start crying during my speech (the time was 8:41PM by the way!)! The total money raised was $180, so $90 went to K4K and the other half was donated back to K4K. And bartender Dee donated his entire night of tips of $180 to Kurling for Kids! Just a couple of examples of what makes Glenmore so special!

Kurling for Kids would not be possible without the group of volunteers who make the day run smoothly. This year was an exceptionally smooth, stress-free event! Knowing that all the tasks required to be done during the day enabled me to concentrate on running the registration desk and collecting the money and tickets. Thank you to all the volunteers:
Ice: Zack, Scott, Luc, Emilie, Nath, and Mike
Scoreboard: Zack
Photographers: Steph, Nath, Emilie
Post dinner cleanup: Kelsey, Emilie, Archie
Bartender: Dee
Dinner Table setup and takedown: Too many to mention here, but thank you all!
I apologize if I forgot to include you, but your help during the day is greatly appreciated!

A BIG SPECIAL THANK YOU to the extraordinary trio who are there for me and Kurling For Kids every year running the kitchen for lunch and dinner: Jennifer Delloye, Keith Davidson, and my twin brother Dickie Young!
And last but not least, thank you to my wife, Angie, for helping during the evening in the kitchen and setting up the tables, and for supporting me and my year-round meetings and organizing of Kurling for Kids!
You can still raise money up until April 27th, when the raffle draw will take place at Montreal West CC. We still have a way to go to reach our goal of $500,000 so keep raising those funds, and we’ll reach that goal for sure!


Glenmore K4K Organizer - Stan Fong