Kurling for Kids 2019 - Kurling for Kids 2019
August 11th3:00:00
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Kurling for Kids has been providing Montreal children’s hospitals with what they need the most over the last 21 years. This applies to everything from the most relevant innovations in technology to programs to make sick kids’ day to day lives better while they are healing.

Averna has been participating in this event for 7 of those years, brought to our attention by our dear friend Carl Mainguy. He had been involved with Kurling for Kids from its inception and the Averna family has decided to commemorate the one year anniversary of his passing by supporting this great charity that was such a huge part of his life.

Thank you for visiting our page and supporting our initiative. We are proud to honour Carl’s memory through Kurling for Kids, which is the perfect representation of the man Carl was. On April 29th, we will eat, drink and have a great time while contributing to a greater cause.


Come join us for a great day of curling and fundraising!